Arghon Transport is a combination package which includes highly sophisticated dispatcher fleet management software, a the Arghon Transport driver app, enabling quick and easy communication between passengers, taxi and limousine drivers, and company dispatchers. With Arghon Transport, taxi and limousine companies get the best certified transport services on the market. The dispatcher server is where most of the action takes place. On this server, dispatchers creats and manage trips, drivers, vehicles and maintenance, and more.

A powerful taxi driver app connects your drivers to the taxi dispatch software using real-time communication.

The Arghon Artificial-Intelligence-based passenger app makes ordering rides and important other services a breeze.

With Phantom Dispatch, Arghon Transport has simplified the taxi and limousine booking process. Administrators give permission to the software which then automatically selects a driver to pick up a passenger. The software automatically notifies the driver when an assignment is made. Should a driver refuse a trip assignment, the software simply chooses the next available driver.

Real-time updates mean you can see where all your vehicles, rides and passengers are, at any given moment. With just a few clicks of a mouse you can see exactly how your company is performing.

Dispatch Software Specs:

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Runs on all major internet browsers
  • Track GPS location of vehicles in real-time
  • Mapped vehicles color-coded by trip status in real-time
  • Manually or automatically assign trips to drivers with Phantom Dispatch*
  • Maintain/update vehicle maintenance records
  • Daily trip listings
  • Daily trip count
  • Average passenger count
  • Average Trip length
  • Average pick up time
  • Average user trip rating
  • Average passenger rating
  • Update driver profiles
  • Add dispatchers
  • Add trips
  • Add drivers
  • Add vehicles
  • Monitor driver status
  • Assign/reassign trips to drivers
  • Update company information
  • Update driver trip assignment
  • Manage corporate client accounts
  • Receive customized reports: trips, drivers, vehicles, corporate clients, and ratings, etc.
  • Manage bank account information
*Automatic trip assignment is performed by Arghon artificial intelligence