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Rebel Business API

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Getting Started

Two easy steps to get started

  1. Create an Arghon Account in our developer environment at
  2. Log in to the developer console, choose a new project from the many templates available to get started.

*Required for publishing neurons.

How its done


  1. Create A.I. Enhancements
  2. Test A.I. Enhancements



  1. Enjoy A.I. Enhancements
  2. Share with Friends & Family

Connect with friends in a special way

Sharing your Arghon enhancements with your Family, Friends or Other Arghon users. This will not only make you a star but and AI pioneer as well. The recipients of your enhancements will love you for it.

Manage Internet of Things (IOT) Devices

The RebeL desktop have a number of ready made Neuron Templates to choose from that allows you to manage Internet of Things capable devices. You degree of control of an IOT device is only limited by the device's capabilities.