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Rebel IoT Example
Internet of Things API
Appointment & Reservation API


RebeL for Business

The most powerful Artificial Intelligence API available!

How to get Started
The Rebel API allows businesses to easily provide your products and services to customers through Arghon's powerful ecosystem. Get started Today
manufacturers: Grow your customer base by Publishing Your IoT Devices On Arghon
Making your IoT devices available on all A.I. platforms leads to more device sales. See how quick and easy it is to seamlessly integrate your IoT device(s) with Arghon A.I.
RETAIL STORES & Supermarkets: Create extraordinary customer Interactions WITH ARGHON
Arghon A.I. lets companies create long and meaningful relationship with customers result in higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.
See how integrating with Arghon can make this happen for you.
Hotels, Restaurants, Auto Rentals: generate more business using Arghon A.I.
The more channels that provide reservations,appointments and information about your products and services leads to increased sales and product awareness.
See how integration with Arghon will increase your sales.